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    Welcome to Henan Yue you Medical Technology Co., Ltd.!



    Rui think tank

    Heart and soul make decision more confidence.

    Rui think library is a series of intelligent applications formed by the combination of clinical expert experience and data analysis technology. These applications visually present patient data in a graphical way, help you to understand the patient's condition more deeply, and provide you with diagnosis and treatment support through intelligent analysis, so as to make decision more confident.


    Multi reference fusion analysis to reduce false alarm


    The hemodynamic analysis tool can directly show the patient's condition.

    ST Graphic

    Graphic real-time display of ST, rapid identification of myocardial ischemia


    Early detection of QT prolongation reduces risk of fatal arrhythmia

    Screen rotatable

    Horizontal display, increase the waveform display time 25%

    Vertical screen display, increase the number of parameters 30%

    Rui Zhi Lian

    Unlimited Unicom, work more smoothly

    The intelligent interconnection technology provided by BeneVision N series monitors enables all devices to cooperate closely with patients, realize information sharing, and provide rich solutions to make the work flow smoother and easier.

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